Carl having fun at The Playground sessions

Carl at a session with kit & electronic gear

It’s a treat to work with such great people recording music, touring, etc. / Between takes or while someone is working on an overdub I’ll stroll around the studio and shoot a little video just to keep everyone smilin’ ! Sorry I don’t have a camera running while I record drum tracks… I’ll have to work on that. Many of you have said you want to see the drum tracks live while they’re happening… I’m workin’ on it. SMILE!  🙂

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About Carl

Carl has been a professional drummer & percussionist for over 30 years. He has played on over 80 Integrity Music projects; Maranatha Praise Band recordings 7 thru 10, & numerous other Christian, Pop, Country, Jazz, & Commercial projects.


  1. Cat Coblentz says

    Cute video.

  2. Just stopped by to visit Carl….Hope you had a nice session…Blessings, Ralph

    • Hey Ralph, Thanks for the drive by. 😉 Yep.. great session — those guys rocked it. / Hope we can hook up soon and jam a little. Peace, Carl

  3. Hey Carl – the red tubs in the session video – what kind are they, yours/the studios? How do you like them? Composite material? Take care – Danny

    • Hey Danny, The red drums are Peavey 1000’s — great solid maple drums. / They don’t make them anymore, but I still have a set with my cartage guys. I use my Yamaha Maple Custom Absolutes most of the time,, but they were set up in my home studio workin’ on another thing and it was just easier that day to have the guys set up the Peavey kit. Yamaha’s cool about whatever it takes to get the job done… I just try not to do that too often. 🙂 Blessings, Carl

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