Carl is “OFF the Road.” A new season!

Carl & Leann leading @ The Well of Nashville

Carl & Leann leading @ The Well of Nashville

Yes, it’s true. I have officially left the Paul Baloche band. After 20+ years with Paul I decided, back in March of 2016, that it was time to move on. Many of you were surprised, and actually it was even a shocking decision for me too.  These guys are my friends, comrades… even brothers. So it was very challenging to let it all go. We’ll always be “soul brothers,” but the path I’ve needed to take could not wait any longer. Basically, I felt God has called me to some other things, and the road work was eating up too much time and energy for me to be good (or better) at what I need to be doing here in Nashville. It’s been over 6 years now… Here’s what’s been happening:
Leann and I have been pastoring a church for over 10 years now. (The Well of Nashville) The team, community, and Leann had felt the strain of me being gone almost every weekend or every “other” weekend… and sometimes several weeks in a row. It was not the best way to help build a community. 🙂 Being home more allows me to connect to our church better, to work here in town… and to Leann as well. (*As of this update I can confirm it has been very helpful for me to stop touring so much.)

Carl's production room and studio

Carl’s production room and studio

I’ve also wanted to be more involved in recording sessions; production work; songwriting; teaching and more. In Nashville, if you’re on the road, it’s almost the “kiss of death” for doing the recording scene here. I noticed that if I missed a call the word quickly spreads that “Carl’s a road guy” and the phone quits ringing. Of course I’ve just always gone with the flow… trusting the Lord to work out my schedule. And He did, and still does so. I’ve been fortunate to always have a balance of touring, studio work, and ministry activities. But I knew it was just a matter of the limits of my personal time and energy that was closing some doors and making it impossible to juggle everything. You can only have so much “on your plate.”
At the beginning of 2016 I actually thought this would be a two to three year process. But as I was praying, talking to Leann, and others, it became clear time had accelerated. The more I pressed into the Lord and good council I realized this change was happening in two weeks! It was already mid February and I knew there was no long transition period that felt peaceful. So I called my friend Paul in March and made the announcement. There were tears, and laughter… stories of past adventures and the vision for both of our futures. We prayed and blessed each other and even talked about the possible future connection at some events. But that will have to be a strategic move of the Lord… and careful planning. The goal really is to stay home in Nashville and focus on life and work here.
Leann and I still travel on occasion to speak at an event, do some team training, or lead worship together. I’ve even taken the “one off” weekend playing drums for some other events… but the focus of my life now is to stay in town more to connect to the people we are pastoring, to work on music, and to find what the Lord has in store for me here. Being gone every other month for a couple of days is VERY different than being away every week.
Thanks for your continued prayers and support. It’s still in process. For those of you that have spoken to me about it, thanks for your encouragement. Change is tough, even when it’s right.

Blessings, Carl

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About Carl

Carl has been a professional drummer & percussionist for over 30 years. He has played on over 80 Integrity Music projects; Maranatha Praise Band recordings 7 thru 10, & numerous other Christian, Pop, Country, Jazz, & Commercial projects.


  1. Hey Uncle,Carl I’m Benny from Bangalore,India.I’m a Big Fan of You.Cuz Your Drumming,Music & Teaching has changed my Musicality & Drumming For JESUS.I watch The WELL Every Week & I’m Blessed Thru the Teaching & Worship.I Watched Some of Leann’s Songs & Videos they are Inspiring. Are you coming to India,Bangalore ? I Want To Meet you in Person this is my HEART’S DESIRE.
    Please Reply I’ll be Waiting

    • Hey Benny, Thanks for your note. We’re not sure when we will tour India again. I hope we can meet then. Blessings on your journey with Jesus. Peace, Carl

  2. Sam Kallaos says

    Hey Carl!

    Glad to hear of your new life season. I have been playing with different people and teaching here in Nashvegas for the last 14 years now. I always fondly remember the period of growth in my playing and in my life that you fostered when I was a teenager. I wouldn’t be half the player I am today without your guidance. I hope all is well and I look forward to hopefully running into you down the road somewhere!



    • Hey Sam, So glad you’re doing well… and honored to be part of your drum & life journey. Blessings as you press on. Peace, Carl

  3. Daniel Asiamah says

    Hi Carl,
    hope you are blessed, I love your ministry and have also your ministry like..I pray that God use me for His kingdom business as He’s been using you. Hope to see soon… …Ghana(West Africa)

    • Bless you Daniel… We are all servants of the “great King” – All of us sons & daughters discovering our lives and purpose in Him. Blessings as you continue to serve the Lord with all your might. Peace, Carl

  4. John Mikkiah Thompson says

    Hello Carl Albrect! My name is John Mikkiah Thompson. I’m 24 years old from Shelbyville, Indiana & God bless you of playing the drums & doing percussion! I’m a huge fan of your drum playing & I love your energy from those Hosanna concert tapes including Trust In The Lord (Don Moen), God Is Able & Sing Out With One Voice (Ron Kenoly), Shalom Jerusalem (Paul Wilbur) & my favorite God Can! (Alvin Slaughter). I was born with Autism & I didn’t talk until I was 8 years old! I taught myself how to play the piano at the age of 5 & I taught myself how to sing when I began talking. This is my official YouTube channel! I really want to meet you & your beautiful wife Leann…she has a wonderful singing voice! God Bless You & I know he loves you!

    • Hello John, Thanks for your kind note. Praise the Lord for His working in your life and the encouragement that worship music has been to you. May He continue to guide and strengthen you as you continue to serve Him. Press ON!!! Peace, Carl

      • John Mikkiah Thompson says

        Thank you for responding to my note It means so much to me! I got a question for you. What was your favorite Hosanna music concert that you were part of that’s on CD, video or both? Love ya

        • Hey John, That’s a tough question… I’m not being political here, but really… all of the projects had their unique feel or experience. God always seemed to be doing something special for each event. // Some stand out moments… the “Rejoice Africa” & “We Are One” projects were very special… it was a unique time in South Africa; Apartheid was on it’s way out and these recordings and following tour were demonstrations of different cultures and churches coming together to lift up Jesus in that nation. // Also, “Shalom Jerusalem” with Paul Wilbur was a very powerful and impacting experience… it was our first trip to Israel. **I still remember seeing Israeli soldiers in full military gear, guarding the doors of the auditorium, dancing along with us as we worshiped. Amazing. Of course all my work with Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, and Paul Baloche and others also stir up many fond memories. … LOL… Now, I’m recalling more & more… but I’ll close here. For now anyway…. Maybe I should write a book. 🙂 Peace, Carl

          • John Mikkiah Thompson says

            That’s awesome! Who came & ask you to be part of God Can! With Alvin Slaughter? That one gives me chills 🙂 Also, how many Paul Baloche recordings were you part of in Hosanna! Music? Thank you brother!

  5. Hi Carl,
    My name is David and I’m from Canada. I’m a self-taught drummer by listening to your drumming. What are some tips for getting a really good buzz roll as a percussionist?

    Thanks, Carl! May God keep using you!!

    • Hi David, Thanks for writing. Great question! – A buzz roll is a bit tricky. Unlike a double stroke or “Open roll” you are not letting the stick just bounce and controlling the number of rebounds with your fingers. A good buzz roll should sound like tearing a newspaper. *Pinch the stick where you grip it and press it (or crush it) into the snare without hearing separate notes. It may feel a little strange at first,like you’re pressing too hard, but that’s the sound. Immediately as you press it in start to release the squeeze on the stick so the buzzing sound last longer. Then do that with the next hand… keep playing the buzz roll as a single stroke pattern, R L R L and try to connect the buzz sound to each stroke… NO gaps. Here’s a great tutorial – Enjoy, Carl

  6. John Mikkiah Thompson says

    Also how many Bob Fitts were you part of? Thank you!

    • I can remember two at this point. 🙂 — Proclaim His Power (Live from Nashville.’93) and I Will Bow To You – (Live from Singapore) 2001 — I’m not sure about others. Blessings, Carl

  7. Bonnie Schurmann says

    What a challenge for you to decide to stay home and serve those in your community, Carl. You and Leann have such a wonderful gift and are most willing to share it with those around you. Prayers and blessings are being sent in your names and that you will be able to do the work you were called to so many years ago. Stay happy, healthy and take good care of each other.

    Bonnie and Joe Schurmann

    • Thanks so much Bonnie. Bless you for being part of my journey… and OURS now. 🙂 May God richly bless your home. Peace, C.

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