Drum Miking Made Easy

Drum Miking Made Easy

Carl Albrecht
Instructional Video
DVDRunning Time: Approximately 80 minutes
Copyright 2008 High Hill Songs/ASCAP
Design, Layout: Ron Brower at CRT,
Custom Products, Inc.
Manufacturing by: CRT, Custom Products, Inc.
For more information or booking contact:
email: lmalbrecht@aol.com
Phone: 615.851-2850

Getting a great drum sound is one of the toughest jobs for even the best engineers. Session and touring drummer, Carl Albrecht from Nashville, along with Doug Gould of Shure and Mike Overlin of Yamaha carefully explain the tricks of the trade. This top trio of clinicians take the mystery out of drum “soundology”. Besides each being an accomplished player, they also have taken the time to explore and understand the technical side of drum audio.

In this 80-minute video Carl carefully explains drum tuning and sound, while Doug and Mike assist with their expertise in microphone selection and audio mixing tricks. A real gold mine of information for any musician or engineer.


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