Here are answers to most Frequently Asked Questions:

I use a double ply head on the batter side (Evans EQ3 /sometimes an EQ4)/ A standard logo head on the front with a small hole cut at 3 or 9 o'clock; just large enough to get a microphone in the drum. Both heads are tuned very low... but not so loose that they sound "flappy", like paper. Then I pad it with a large bath towel in the bottom touching both heads (Maybe 2 to 3 inches thick). That's it. I normally use a Yamaha kick pedal with a the flat plastic side of the beater for a more powerful attack. I'll take out the padding or add more according to the sound I want.

I really like the Yamaha Clickstation. Unfortunately they don't make it anymore. 🙁   You could use the Tama Rhythm Watch/ any of the Boss Dr. Beat machines / or a small drum machine. Just be sure you get a machine that has a "tap tempo" feature and the ability to do songlists. You want to be able to switch quickly to the next tempo. It's also possible to use your laptop with a music software program that has an easy to use metronome feature. Ableton Live would be my choice for this. USE YOUR CLICK TRACK FOR ALL PRACTICES; REHEARSALS; & PERFORMANCES.

I really like the sound of MEINL cymbals. For a standard set up I use a 20" Medium Ride (Amun series or Byzance.) An 18" & 17" Medium Crashes (Byzance), * sometimes adding a 19" crash. 14" Custom Cymbal Shop Hi-hats -(*sorry they don't make these anymore).. so you could use the 14" Byzance Medium Hats. // When I want to expand I also have assorted Chinas, splashes, & other effect cymbals.// I may also add heavier cymbals in other situations. BUT.. the basic set-up always works great. (20" ride, 18, & 17" crashes, 14" hats.-- That works in ANY setting.

I've played Vater sticks for a long time... Always consistent... always durable.
I use several different types according to the job.
For lighter playing I use the 7A Wood tip - Manhattan model
For all purpose stuff - 5A Nylon tip - Los Angeles model
For heavy playing - 3A Wook tip - Fatback model
For rods I use the Bamboo Splashsticks
Some standard retractable jazz brushes -VWTR -are also in my bag,
AND some T6 Standard Tympani mallets.
OH... and a pair of the Little Monster fat nylon brushes.  Very COOL !!
There ya go.
I recommend starting with some 5A's -- that's a pretty standard play-all stick with every company... try different models to see what you like. You'll love the Vater stuff, whatever you choose.
Happy stick hunting.
Many of the loops you hear are from different loop libraries... a very popular software program & library is Stylus RMX. Fantastic editing program as well as a massive library of sounds & loops to choose from.
I use many from Metamorphosis & Liquid Grooves; which are 2 of the loop collections that are part of the Stylus package... It's really worth it just to get Stylus and be done with it.
I'm not sure which one we used on Offering, but I think it is in one of those... sorry, I didn't save the name of it in my sequence files.
We also sometimes create a loop -- I'll play different percussion patterns or drum kit ideas and then we can chop it up, mix, & edit according to the vibe we want to create.
Ableton Live is an excellent music software recording program that is excellent for this, but others work well too. If you have a MAC laptop - Garage Band is good way to start learning.
Either way, start with something and grow from there.... The options are unless.

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