Vintage Studios in Nashville

It’s pretty common to see old houses in the Nashville area and right on Music Row that have been converted into amazing studios and publishing offices. I like working in my home studio (Highland Farms Studio)… I can work on projects at my own pace and experiment a little more. It’s also nice to come up for a break and have lunch with Leann or go for a walk. //  BUT, the studios in Nashville are really amazing. Some of them are huge with multiple tracking rooms, and are exciting facilities to create music together with some very talented people. It is also very typical to see old houses that have been converted into working studios. They offer a little more relaxed vibe, but are also very well equipped. Check out this little tour I did while working at Sixteen Ton Studios on Music Row. *Lots of vintage gear (*even some pre-amps from Abbey Road) … a very cool lay out of the house… and the old tube board that I was told was from Columbia Records studio… One of the 1st on the Row. Join me for this fun walk through.

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About Carl

Carl has been a professional drummer & percussionist for over 30 years. He has played on over 80 Integrity Music projects; Maranatha Praise Band recordings 7 thru 10, & numerous other Christian, Pop, Country, Jazz, & Commercial projects.


  1. Thanks for the tour! Those old houses are really neat. My son recorded in Nashville a few years ago (I have no idea where); so, I thought I’d send this video to him. That was a cool tour.

  2. Nice job, Carl. Thanks for the tour. But next time use a steady cam. I think I need to go lose my lunch now.

    • LOL… sorry man… It’s hard to keep the flip video steady in one hand while moving around. I should get an assistant. 🙂 Take Care, Carl

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