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OK… So I’m writing a book about drums in worship. It’s turning out to be a bigger project than I expected. Why am I surprised? I’m writing, praying; writing some more; praying more… then editing. Going back adding things; expanding a chapter to include more that comes to mind. Adding photos… adding music sketches… Looking on line to research other drum writings, reading about worship trends; watching video clips…. THE WORKS! Lots of verifying my information and pondering my own history as a drummer.  Whew!!!!!!!!!    I’ve been playing in the “modern worship movement” for over 30 years. LOL… 🙂   There have been so many developments through that time…. but worship has been around since,,, well… the beginning. So there are spiritual things I want to share in this book; not just technical stuff. I pray it will help drummers connect to their calling as the Lord’s minstrels in the earth and also challenge them to be disciplined in their skill. Thank you for your prayers as I attempt to make this writing all that the Lord intends. Blesssings, Carl

Carl Workin' The Book

Carl Workin’ The Book

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About Carl

Carl has been a professional drummer & percussionist for over 30 years. He has played on over 80 Integrity Music projects; Maranatha Praise Band recordings 7 thru 10, & numerous other Christian, Pop, Country, Jazz, & Commercial projects.


  1. AJ Primeaux says

    Carl, I was hoping to finally meet you at the workshop coming up in MS in October, but my work schedule has sidelined me. I am excited to hear you are working on this book. Count me in on the pre-order.

    I am part of a new PW band and we are getting some resistance, as expected, about modern verses traditional. But mostly about volume and mix. I went with an ekit to try to resolve volume issues, but I am using my own acoustic cymbals. There are still lots of complaints about the cymbals being too loud. Would you talk briefly about cymbal choices and volume?

    Maybe even talk about some of the voices on some of the songs you have played?

    Look forward to reading your book. Blessings on you and yours.

    • Hey AJ, Ah yes… cymbals. When I play digital drums I use the pads for the loud crashes & a couple of lite cymbals for rolls & delicate playing, but never the loud hits. // For real cymbals in churches I always use lite or medium lite cymbals or play behind plexiglass. This will be a big chapter in the new book… because, YES, it is always a problem. // Plus a drummer just has to learn how to play to the room… when needed use liter sticks, hotrods, & brushes… // Not sure what your question about “voices” means. // Sorry you’ll miss the event in Mississippi. Maybe at another someday. Blessings, Carl

      • AJ Primeaux says

        Thanks for the reply, Bro. Carl. I know you have answered questions before about what cymbals you travel with and so forth. My question about the voices is concerning the sound you are going for. What brand, model, size would you suggest for the ride in a church setup? And I will make one of your workshops soon.



      • Thanks so much for your prayers… I never take it lightly when people offer to pray for me. / The book should be available around the world in stores or on line. Blessings, Carl

  2. Great to hear of your efforts Carl. Praying for you and your efforts.

  3. Carl, this is so exciting!! I’d love to review and promote a copy on the blog once it’s ready. Love what you’re doing for us worshipdrummers!

  4. Lance Beckford says

    Excellent pursuit Carl. I look forward to checking out the book and passing it on to my students and local churches around Southern California. Lord be with you =-)

  5. Gary R Portell (OldDrummer) says

    I would be interested in reading an advanced reading copy if you would consider this. I have received several of these types of books to help see any items that may have missed they eye of the writer. Since I have been drumming since I was 13 and 65 I have many years of drumming under my seat. I say that due to the fact that I am still drumming at the present church we attend.

    • Thanks for your note Gary. Please feel free to send ideas you would like to see discussed in a drum book about modern worship. At this point the publisher is not giving me liberty to discuss or show the book outside of my editors circle. BUT,,, I’m definitely listening to what players are saying to me, even now. Thanks for your prayers & input as you feel lead to write to me. / email — LMAlbrecht@aol.com — Blessings, Carl

  6. Hey Carl,
    I am reserving a copy of your book now itself… ; ) i want to learn more about worship drummer.
    Sam (Dubai)

  7. Hi Carl,

    I am excited to hear that you are writing this book for worship drummers. I don’t believe anything like this has been done before. Thank-you for being letting the Lord lead you in the endeavor. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you as you decide what to include as you write.

    I am taking the online Drum Set Fundamentals course with Berklee. Every time I practice I pray and ask the Lord to bless my practice time. I tell Him that this is so I can continue working towards the best worship drummer and drum teacher I can be. This of course is a never ending journey since in both our Christian walk and with drumming we should always be working towards improving and doing better.

    God Bless,


  8. mike walker says

    Hey Carl,
    How is the bok coming? I still can’t wait to get it. There are no other drum people in my church to talk drums with and my wife gets tired of hearing about it.:) Looking forward to it.


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