One Handed Cymbal Roll

So many of you have asked about this roll I do on cymbals or even on the drums. Using a marimba/vibraphone technique I learned from John Kasica of the St. Louis Symphony. It was standard training for classical percussionists during my college years. It probably is still part of the training. Thanks John. / It’s been so useful in drum set playing as well. When playing a groove or time pattern with one hand I can use this technique to create the normal cymbal swell without loosing a time element.  Be sure to work on “locking” the one mallet into position and then using the other to move according to the distance needed. Also be sure to balance the wiggle or waving motion so your roll sounds smooth. Also work on doing this with both hands. Blessings on your roll!  Wooooshhhh!

Groove is Everything:
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About Carl

Carl has been a professional drummer & percussionist for over 30 years. He has played on over 80 Integrity Music projects; Maranatha Praise Band recordings 7 thru 10, & numerous other Christian, Pop, Country, Jazz, & Commercial projects.


  1. you are a percussion STUD, Mr. Albrecht!

  2. Bob Lawson says

    Enjoyed your piece on the one-handed cymbal roll.

  3. Carl, Thank you so much for this video!! I’ve been wondering this since the first time I saw you do it live, now I can finally incorporate this into my drumming! 😉

  4. Tom Cupp says

    I never considered the “vibraphone/marimba” grip; but, I’ve been using the “over/under” technique for years. Shows that I still don’t know everything 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to show us that different technique! It’s one more tool in the toolkit.

  5. ChrisLowry says

    Hey Carl! Great to see this demonstration. I remember learning this technique essentially through osmosis from playing on worship teams with you; this is something I still do all the time while keeping time with shaker/tambourine/etc. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with everyone! Miss getting to play with you!

  6. Hey Carl! Thank-you for demonstrating this. I’ve tried this in church and haven’t been able to get it down. Now I know how to hold the mallets properly. I’ll try using this Sunday morning. I posted this on my Facebook page to share this with our fellow drum brothers.

    Keep up the great work and thank-you for the inspiration.

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