What type of drumsticks do you use?

I’ve played Vater sticks for a long time… Always consistent… always durable.
I use several different types according to the job.
For lighter playing I use the 7A Wood tip – Manhattan model
For all purpose stuff – 5A Nylon tip – Los Angeles model
For heavy playing – 3A Wook tip – Fatback model
For rods I use the Bamboo Splashsticks
Some standard retractable jazz brushes -VWTR -are also in my bag,
AND some T6 Standard Tympani mallets.
OH… and a pair of the Little Monster fat nylon brushes.  Very COOL !!
There ya go.
I recommend starting with some 5A’s — that’s a pretty standard play-all stick with every company… try different models to see what you like. You’ll love the Vater stuff, whatever you choose.
Happy stick hunting.
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