What are the loops I hear you using on recordings & live?

Many of the loops you hear are from different loop libraries… a very popular software program & library is Stylus RMX. Fantastic editing program as well as a massive library of sounds & loops to choose from.
I use many from Metamorphosis & Liquid Grooves; which are 2 of the loop collections that are part of the Stylus package… It’s really worth it just to get Stylus and be done with it.
I’m not sure which one we used on Offering, but I think it is in one of those… sorry, I didn’t save the name of it in my sequence files.
We also sometimes create a loop — I’ll play different percussion patterns or drum kit ideas and then we can chop it up, mix, & edit according to the vibe we want to create.
Ableton Live is an excellent music software recording program that is excellent for this, but others work well too. If you have a MAC laptop – Garage Band is good way to start learning.
Either way, start with something and grow from there…. The options are unless.
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